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Welcome to the Geneva Software Company

Geneva is the owner of the Quantum suite of Accounting, Distribution and Manufacturing software modules.  We specialize in interfacing the Quantum solution with various disparate external State, County and Corporate solutions to facilitate the flow of information between systems.  Quantum is often considered the "core" system that orchestrates the exchange of information, allocates distributions and provides the necessary audit trails for your organization to operate smoothly.  Our ability to tailor Quantum to your organization's specific interface and financial reporting requirements has made us unique in the market place.  It is our goal to help our customers realize a maximum return on their investments in technology through the efficient use of our Quantum software.

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Current News

November 2019

Geneva welcomes Lockheed Martin to our family of Quantum users.  Quantum was licensed to Lockheed Martin through one of our resellers in Virginia.

August 2019

Geneva has enhanced the Restricted Funds Contract feature within Quantum to include distributions from all subledgers, not just Accounts Payable.  Users can now set up Contracts and Grants by any number of GL Account numbers, or Vendor, and Quantum will automatically post transactions related to any of the Restricted Fund Contracts.

July 2019

Geneva continues to expand its customer base in Saudi Arabia including organizations that use Quantum to manage information for dairy farms, food canning businesses, food canteen companies,  technology integration services and more. 

May 2019

More Quantum customers are utilizing Geneva's Consulting Services to address several issues that may impact an organizations accreditation with regulatory entities.  Such services include Forensic Security Audits, Disaster Recovery planning, Quantum Features and Use Analysis and New User Orientation/Training.  Click here to learn more about these services.


Items of Interest

Quantum Payroll Changes for 2020 (Federal)

The IRS has released the Circlar E for the year 2020.  There is a significant change to the way Employee FWT is calculated.  Please visit our Support Page to see the new PR tax tables and FICA limit, as well as several links to the IRS webpage where the new formulas for calculating Federal Taxes is explained.

State Tax Changes 2020

 Thirty-four states have major tax changes taking effect on January 1, 2020.  It is each customer's responsibility to research, review and update Quantum according to each applicable State's laws.  A summary of each State's changes can be found at

Affordable Care Act Reporting 2019

Employers required to submit ACA information must furnish 1095-C schedules to employees by January 31, 2020.  The 1094C/1095C electronic schedules must be submitted by March 31, 2020.

Geneva will continue to work closely with National Forms Company (1099fire) to ensure the Quantum information is formatted correctly complying with Government forms and XML requirements.

For Geneva customers who used the 1099fire solution last year, please remember you must sign up with that organization again if you wish to have them process, report and/or submit your ACA information for 2019.  

If your organization is using a different 1095/1094 reporting service, Geneva will be available to build an interface with their systems, provided we have enough notice.

Quantum Registrations

Geneva acquired the MCBA Company and all its assets in December 2013 which makes us the ones who help clients all around the world register their Quantum systems at renewal time.  Please contact us at to request Registration Codes.


RELYCO supplier for 1099, W2 end of year forms. Contact Michelle Blouin at 800-777-7359 PowerTime web-based timesheet entry system with interface to Quantum payroll. WyCom prints checks on blank forms and has auto signature capabilities. It is very easy to setup for printing and signing Quantum checks.
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