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Welcome To Geneva Software Company

Geneva is the owner of the Quantum suite of Accounting, Distribution and Manufacturing software modules.  We specialize in interfacing the Quantum solution with various disparate external State, County and Corporate solutions to facilitate the flow of information between systems.  Quantum is often considered the "core" system that orchestrates the exchange of information, allocates distributions and provides the necessary audit trails for your organization to operate smoothly.  Our ability to tailor Quantum to your organization's specific interface and financial reporting requirements has made us unique in the market place.  It is our goal to help our customers realize a maximum return on their investments in technology through the efficient use of our Quantum software.

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Geneva Software Company

Current News

June 2014

Coastal Behavioral Healthcare of Sarasota, FL has licensed the Quantum financials system to replace their CMHC/MIS accounting solution.  Quantum will be hosted in the Netsmart Plexus Cloud for Coastal users.

April 2014

Stepping Stones of Rockford, IL and Family Counseling Center of Kennett, MO have signed agreements to implement Quantum to replace their legacy CMHC/MIS accounting systems.

March 2014

Geneva welcomes Cahaba Center for Mental Health of Selma Alabama to the growing family of Quantum users.  Cahaba will be the sixth member of a consortium in Alabama that is implementing Quantum.

January 2014

Compass Health in Crowley, LA and the Pennyroyal Center in Hopkinsville, KY have chosen Geneva and the Quantum solution to replace their legacy accounting system. 

December 2013

Geneva acquires MCBA, Inc. of Huntsville Alabama.  Through this acquisition Geneva now becomes the owner of the Quantum suite of software modules.  Click here to read more.

Items of Interest

Affordable Care Act Reporting

Everyone is anxious to learn what the specific reporting requirements are going to be for the new Affordable Care Act in 2014.  At this moment in time we know that the ACA requires organizations to report employee cost of health care coverage (W2 Box12 DD code).  Geneva added this feature to Quantum for 2012 reporting and we believe there will be new electronic file reporting specifications forthcoming for reporting employee hours worked.  The IRS indicates in one of their Transition Relief documents that "Proposed rules for the information reporting provisions are expected to be published this summer.".

The IRS is also indicating that this reporting will be optional for 2014 and "...accordingly, no penalties will be applied for failure to comply with these information reporting provisions for 2014."  Read more details at

Web Browser Based Financials

Web based Financial reporting is growing in popularity with Behavioral Health Organizations.  Program Managers can now run their own reports, complete with drill downs, from your own Intranet site.  Imagine your Program Managers getting their own reports with their own drill downs and exports.  You can design these financial statements from within Quantum so there's no need for a Programmer to write reports.  The State of Minnesota uses Geneva's Web Based Financial reporting system to make available financial information to hundreds of users each month.

Quantum Registrations

Geneva acquired the MCBA Company and all its assets in December 2013 which makes us the ones who help clients all around the world register their Quantum systems at renewal time.  Please contact us at to request Registration Codes.

New User Manuals

Geneva is in the process of updating the Quantum User Manuals.  The new manuals will be available through this website and will be in a WebHelp format for easier searching of topics and examples.  Click here for our new General Ledger User Manual.  Don't forget to check out the video clips on our support page -- they will save you lots of time. 


RELYCO supplier for 1099, W2 end of year forms. Contact Michelle Blouin at 800-777-7359 PowerTime web-based timesheet entry system with interface to Quantum payroll. WyCom prints checks on blank forms and has auto signature capabilities. It is very easy to setup for printing and signing Quantum checks.
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