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Welcome to the Geneva Software Company

Geneva is the owner of the Quantum suite of Accounting, Distribution and Manufacturing software modules.  We specialize in interfacing the Quantum solution with various disparate external State, County and Corporate solutions to facilitate the flow of information between systems.  Quantum is often considered the "core" system that orchestrates the exchange of information, allocates distributions and provides the necessary audit trails for your organization to operate smoothly.  Our ability to tailor Quantum to your organization's specific interface and financial reporting requirements has made us unique in the market place.  It is our goal to help our customers realize a maximum return on their investments in technology through the efficient use of our Quantum software.

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Current News

September 2021


A message from Geneva's President:

Geneva continues to serve as a strong provider for our customers during these uncertain times.  Since the Covid-19 virus appeared, Geneva employees have been working from their home offices.  This has worked so well that earlier this year I made it a permanent policy.

We have upgraded our servers, our internet connection and our phones to best handle the needs for this remote support model.  I am very proud of the positive approach employees have had toward this change.

The Geneva team has proven the effectiveness of supporting clients from their home offices while, at the same time, ensuring the personal safety of office staff.

Please continue to contact us with your support, training and implementation questions through direct email, toll free phone or by using the email address.

Stay safe everyone.

Thomas W. Vincent                                                                President                                                                              Geneva Software Company, Inc.



Items of Interest

End of Year Forms Updates are Ready

Geneva Account Managers are ready to help install the End of Year updates for the 1099 and W2 forms.  This year, all
customers will be using the QwinFORMS.exe version to ensure readability and compatibility with any windows printer
on your organizations system.
Our Account Managers will begin contacting clients the week of November 29 to coordinate, test and verify the end of
year forms programs are installed and working.  Supported forms are: 1099-MISC, 1099-NEC, 1099-R, W2 (2 up) and
W2 (4 up) - all laser forms. 

2022 Circular E and Quantum Tax Tables

The IRS has the official 2022 Circular E available (Employer's Tax Guide) as of this moment in time (12/27/21).
Click Here  to view the Circular E for 2022.  The Quantum Payroll Control Tables should be updated with the

Quantum Registrations

Geneva acquired the MCBA Company and all its assets in December 2013 which makes us the ones who help clients all around
the world register their Quantum systems at renewal time.
Please contact us at to request Registration Codes.

What can you do about RansomWare attacks?

Unfortunately our world has many bad actors out there attempting to lock your systems down with malware that
encrypts your programs and data files making them completely unusable.  These extortionists are out there and are
very active.  Of course you should already be taking the obvious and necessary steps of reducing the risk of your
targeting.  Steps such as, securing Email Gateways, educating End Users to not open unrecognizable email attachments,
using Network monitoring tools to detect and possibly block such Malware, Keeping regular off-site backups, etc.
One thing Geneva can help our Quantum customers with is to perform periodic "flash backups" of just your Quantum data.
This is a service we provide where we log onto your system, copy your Quantum data and download it to Geneva servers
for safe keeping.  Doing this each week minimizes the damage that can be done if your system were ever to be attacked.
If you are attacked, and the Bad Actors encrypted your backups, Geneva can restore all Quantum executables pretty quickly
as well as the last known Flash Backup of your data.  To learn more, please email us at


RELYCO supplier for 1099, W2 end of year forms. Contact Michelle Blouin at 800-777-7359 PowerTime web-based timesheet entry system with interface to Quantum payroll. WyCom prints checks on blank forms and has auto signature capabilities. It is very easy to setup for printing and signing Quantum checks.
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