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About Us

The Geneva Software Company was founded in 1990 by Tom Vincent in Greensboro, North Carolina.  The company started as a support organization for customers using the MCBA classic accounting software on WangVS minicomputers.  Geneva’s specialty was customizing each client’s software according to their specific business processes and reporting needs without altering the “dna” of the MCBA product.

In 1994 an opportunity to partner with Uni/Care presented itself to Geneva.  Uni/Care, based in Sarasota Florida, is a provider of clinical billing, EMR and managed care software for Mental and Behavioral healthcare organizations.  They, like many other clinical software vendors, tried to create their own accounting system but underestimated the scope of commitment and desired to find an organization to partner with.  That organization became Geneva and for many years we traveled the country together.  Geneva developed an interface with Uni/Care’s billing system and over a short period of time developed a customer base that span the country.

During this time we began fielding inquiries from other clinical software billing vendors who also wanted to jettison their home-made accounting systems and partner with an organization that specializes in this area.  It was a success.  Our ability to interface with the various clinical A/R systems and tune the MCBA software to FASB and GASB guidelines helped propel Geneva to become one of the most successful MCBA Value Added Resellers in the nation.

Geneva’s web based financial reporting system replaces all the work you used to do each month with the Management Reports. You no longer have to generate the reports, print multiple copies, separate and collate them for each Director and distribute them via interoffice mail. An added benefit is we are not using all that computer paper, which helps the environment as well as reduces our costs. Ain’t technology great?

C. Tidwell
Finance Manager
Mental Health Care of Tampa, FL

During the late 1990s MCBA came out with a new version of their classic software, tuned for windows and Y2K, and called it Quantum.  Geneva migrated each Classic customer to Quantum well before the year 2000 arrived and continued to expand the customer base.

In 2006 Geneva was asked by Netsmart Technologies to provide Quantum as an integrated solution with their AVATAR product.  Netsmart was asking for an exclusive relationship and we agreed.  Netsmart had just purchased their largest competitor – CMHC – and needed a solution to replace a Unix based CMHC/MIS accounting system.  Programmers from both Geneva and Netsmart worked out a means to integrate the A/R billing and service information with Quantum’s General Ledger and Statistics module.  This was to give Geneva an advantage in the marketplace for the simple reason that an integrated system is better than a system that uses text file interfaces.

For the next eight years Geneva focused on migrating CMHC/MIS customers from their character based accounting system to Quantum running on a windows server.  During this time we continued to add features to our solution as well as develop browser based financials and a front end to the purchase order module – browser based remote requisitions.  Geneva also developed a Client Fund Management system that integrated with Quantum AP and can print checks and produce the necessary Representative Payee reports needed.  The marketing relationship between Netsmart and Geneva expired in November 2014 but we are both still strongly committed to working closely implementing the G/L integration solutions with all the customers who signed up to replace their CMHC/MIS systems with Quantum.

In December 2013 The Geneva Software Company acquired MCBA, Inc. of Huntsville Alabama.  Geneva is now the owner of the Classic and Quantum lines of Software and now supports clients throughout various parts of the world.  All Registrations for the Quantum product are now performed directly by Geneva.  Through this acquisition Geneva is now positioned to guide the evolution of the Quantum product line to a pure windows operating state.  Stay tuned for announcements and updates about our progress.
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