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News and Events

Geneva wins a contract with Ventura County Behavioral Health in Oxnard, California.

November 1, 2012

Ventura County will be implementing Quantum and working with Geneva to interface the system with the various disparate County and State systems.  Ventura will be replacing their existing system that lacks robust reporting and allocation capabilities.  Geneva will also be deploying the Web Based Financial reporting system that allows authorized remote users to access their Quantum financial reports via the County’s Intranet system.

Deploying Quantum will increase efficiencies, enhance the audit trail capabilities and provide powerful financial reporting capabilities.  This model of implementing Quantum is not unknown to Geneva.  Many of Geneva’s customers have the need to interface with various County and State systems to channel transactions to the Quantum General Ledger module.  Even though this implementation is similar to other State wide and County wide system each of these customers have unique interface and reporting requirements.  That is one of Geneva’s strength – customized interfaces and tamping the Quantum system into place exactly as the user’s need.

“We are pleased to work with another California client and look forward to building the various interfaces necessary for Ventura County to realize the efficiencies they need” said Tom Vincent, President of Geneva Software Company.


State Wide Geneva User Group meeting in Macon Georgia.

October 12, 2012

Thirteen Community Service Boards throughout the State of Georgia attended a user’s group meeting organized by Ali Yallah, the Chief Information Officer of River-Edge Behavioral Health in Macon, Georgia.  Tom Vincent, President of Geneva, was in attendance meeting with clients who have been using Quantum for up to 14 years.  The purpose of the group is to meet periodically to share and collaborate on how to best use the various features of Quantum that will help enhance efficiencies, State reporting and auditability. 

We have been very successful in the State of Georgia largely because of our ability to interface with the various State and EHR/Billing systems.  This type of meeting is a wonderful opportunity to promote collaboration amongst our customers so everyone can see what how each CSB uses various aspects of Quantum.” said Tom Vincent, President of Geneva Software Company.

Here is what one of the participants had to share with the group when she responded to Mr. Yallah’s invitation to participate in this statewide user group:

“The newest version available is v8.05. If you are not on this version you need to get Quantum to upgrade your system as soon as possible. Took us probably half a day to get the AP, payroll, HR and general ledger Module updated, but without this upgrade a lot of things are not possible. I have learned and gathered so much info about this program in the last 12 months, and I am finally to the point where I don't use any access or crystal reports for any of our operations anymore, everything comes straight from Quantum.

Just a few things that have made my life easier:

  • We are completely paperless in AP. from the GL I can drill down into each GL transaction to the point where I can see a copy of the invoice without leaving the GL module.
  • All my financials for each program, Annex K info, Balance sheet is written in Quantum.
  • I have it set where each GL entry has a number assigned so I can easily pull the entry up even months later.
  • Vendor info is also scanned in the system and I can pull up W-9 info right from the vendor screen.
  • Budgets: all my budgets are created in Excel and then I import them into Quantum with a simple import process.
  • Revenues are also imported from our EMR via spreadsheet into Quantum.
  • I have templates set up for GL entries that are the same each month and they automatically post, others have the same GL numbers but different amounts, my template is set up where all I have to do is enter amounts and click the green check to process.
  • Admin expense is expensed out to our programs via a percentage. I have a template set up that knows the percentages, I enter the total amount of admin expense in one place and the template does the rest for me, takes seconds to post a percentage to 25 programs.
  • HR, I have it set up where all license info is in Quantum, I had to write one outside report via access for that, but it pulls all info for our org chart for auditors right out of Quantum.
  • Payroll: we implemented an electronic time clock system (which by the way has helped us decrease our leave liability tremendously just as a side note). The system interfaces with Quamtum and our payroll clerk has reduced entering time down to a minimum. She does not enter any hours for payroll manually anymore. It's uploaded from the timeclock system and she continues to process payroll. Same with annual leave and sick leave. Updated every month through timeclock system in Quantum and I can run reports very quickly from quantum that can show me total dollar amount for leave liability.
  • I am currently working on moving our annual leave and sick leave calculation to a full accrual system. I am testing that right now in Quantum Test but should be done fairly soon.
  • I am trying to think of more things that we implemented and will give it on to you. On lots of it I have really good instructions if you need them just let me know.
  • The goal of the group is to meet in person at least twice a year in various locations throughout Georgia.  There will also be monthly conference calls to follow up on everyone’s progress with implementing features of Quantum (i.e., scanning Vendor invoices into the system, using PowerTime web based time sheets and interfacing with the Quantum Payroll system, etc)."

Chippewa County Department of Human Services in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin selects Geneva to implement Quantum.

August 14, 2012

Chippewa County Depot of Human Services will be installing Quantum to interact with the County’s Accounts Payable, Payroll and Financial Systems.  Geneva has been tasked with interfacing with the Springbrook County system so users can enter Vendor vouchers in Quantum and generate a direct pay file that is sent to the County system for payment processing.  Quantum will also interface data from Springbrook to record the actual check numbers the County used to pay the invoices.

Geneva will also create the CARS reports and interface with the State’s EWISACWIS system.  The project is scheduled to go live on January 1, 2013 and will increase audit trail capabilities as well as minimize key entry errors through various electronic interfaces where data is not washed or formatted by end users.

“It is exciting to work with a group of people so motivated to automate all areas of their business workflow.  I’m looking forward to quantifying and reporting on the efficiencies Quantum will deliver to Chippewa County.” said Tom Vincent, President of Geneva Software Company.

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