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Changes to Payroll for 2020

2020 Payroll FICA Maximum Wages were increased to $137,700 (6.2%) and Medicare is $999,999.99 (1.45%)

The Additional Medicare Tax figures did not change from previous years.  An additional 0.9% of Employee only Medicare taxes will be withheld for wages in excess of $200,000.

In Quantum, there are now two sets of Federal Tax tables.  One for employees hired before 01/01/2020 (existing) and one new set for employees hired on or after 01/01/2020 (with Box 2 on their new W4 form marked).  You will need an update of the Quantum Payroll module to include the new table in your Payroll calculations.  You will need to make certain, in the Quantum PR Control file, that the Federal Withholding Allowance is set to zero before the first payroll run in 2020.

There is a new W4 form that is required for all employees hired in 2020.  Here is a link to the IRS webpage that describes, in detail, these changes.

The IRS has provided an explanation for the new FWT calculation (tax tables) and also has a web page for employers and employees to estimate employee FWT.

 To see Quantum screens relating to these tax changes, click these three documents:

(1)  PR Control Fica/Medicare and Federal Withholding Allowance changes

(2)  Federal Tax Tables (four of them) for existing employees

(3)  Federal Tax Tables (four of them) for employees hired in 2020



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